Our Practice Areas

Gaya Attorneys provide services in a wide variety of practice areas that support clients across many industries and sectors of our economy.  These are our practice coverage and the legal services we can provide to you and your business…

Commercial Law

The Firm has experience on various corporate and commercial matters including mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, corporate formation, corporate secretarial services, corporate legal due diligence investigations, preparation of trade and investmement agreements,regulatory compliance of filling annual returns, change of directorship and/or members, change of office details and all other necessary information at the Companies Registry.

Tax Law

The Firm provides advice in various tax matters including representation at the Tax Tribunal and Tax Appeal Board, advisory and consultancy service in tax issues. The Firm also provide advice to its clients regarding their operations and transaction to ensure complience with state and local tax requirements, minimize tax exposures, and take advantage of tax credits and incentives offered.

Land Law and Conveyance

The Firm offer a wide range of service on issues related to land law and conveyance including but not limited to advising clients on matters relating to acquisition of land, drafting of short and long term lease, commercial and domestic lease agreements, regisration and cancellation of charges over a property, land deposition including mortgage and transafer.

Employment and Labour Law

The Firm provide advise on Employment and Labour Laws in Tanzania as well as a number of regional and international instruments. The Firm Services will range from drafting and reviewing employment contracts for its client, representation in labour disputes both at the Commission of Mediation and Arbitration (CMA) and the High Court -Labour Division.

Intellectual Property Law

The Firm also provide advise and assist its clients on registration of copyright, patent and trademark to project clients’ intellectual property rights within Tanzania, Africa under African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) and worldwide under World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
The Firm proides advise on available solutions to problems that rise due to infringement of proprietor exclusive rights.

Immigration Law

The Firm provide advise in all matters in relation to Immigration Law. The Firm assists its clients in understanding legal issues underlying each case on work, residence permits (all classes) and visas of all types.

Insurance Law

The Firm provides advise on insurance matters on corporate and regulatory issues. The Firm has a team of proffessionals who proides advisory services in relation to the management and resolution of claims through mediation, arbitration and courts of law.

Litigation, Court Representation, Preparation of Pleadings and Alternative Dispute Settlements.

The Firm helps its clients with all types of civil litigation in courts of law in Tanzania, including but not limited to business litigation, torts, matrimonial causes, adoption causes, probate and administration of estate causes, land disputes and Breaches of contracts.

Banking and Finance

The Firm service covers representation of banks and other financial organisation in lending transactions to borrowers and compliance with consumer and other laws involving all aspects of financial serices provided by the bank and other financial organizations.